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Instagram Revises Content Recommendation Policies for Political Posts

In a stride to balance content delivery and user preferences, Instagram’s leadership, headed by Adam Mosseri, has introduced a new policy to scale back the recommendation of political content. The updated measures ensure that while users can still access political posts from accounts they follow, the platform will not actively promote or highlight such content. This decision emerges as part of a series of adjustments planned to be phased in over the upcoming weeks, particularly affecting public accounts that deal with political topics.

A representative for Instagram provided clarity on the scope of the policy, specifying that political content chiefly pertains to subjects regarding governance or electoral processes, such as discussions related to legislation, electoral events, or significant societal issues. They acknowledged the intricate and fluid nature of global issues, implying that the app’s definition of political content and how it’s managed will continue to evolve. This evolution is to be informed by ongoing dialogue with the platform’s global community and insights from external authorities.

The move reflects Instagram’s endeavours to improve the user experience by tailoring their content algorithms to be more sensitive to varied user interests and to promote a more neutral stance on matters of political significance.

**Summary:** Instagram, led by Adam Mosseri, is modifying its algorithm to reduce the promotion of political content. Users can still see political posts from accounts they follow, yet the app itself will not amplify them. The changes are to be implemented in the coming weeks, focusing on public accounts, and the definition of “political content” will be periodically updated through consultations with users and expert advice.

FAQ Regarding Instagram’s New Policy on Political Content

1. What is Instagram’s new policy about?
Instagram is changing its algorithm to limit the recommendation of political content. This change aims to balance content delivery with user preferences, so that while users can still access political posts from accounts they follow, Instagram itself will not actively promote such content.

2. Who is behind the implementation of Instagram’s new policy?
The new policy is being introduced under the leadership of Adam Mosseri.

3. How will Instagram define “political content”?
Political content mainly includes topics on governance, electoral processes, legislation, electoral events, or significant societal issues. The exact definition is fluid and will continue to adapt through consultation with Instagram’s community and external experts.

4. Why is Instagram scaling back on political content?
The goal is to enhance the user experience by customizing content algorithms to better match individual user interests and to maintain a neutral position on political matters.

5. When will the new policy take effect?
The policy’s changes are slated to roll out over the upcoming weeks and will particularly affect public accounts that deal with political subjects.

6. Will users still be able to access political content?
Yes, users can still see political posts from the accounts they follow, but Instagram will no longer aggressively highlight or promote this type of content on the platform.

7. Can the policy on political content change in the future?
Yes, the definition and management of political content will evolve based on ongoing discussions and insights from various authorities, signaling a dynamic approach to policy adjustment.

Algorithm: A set of rules or a process that social media platforms use to decide which content is displayed to users, and in what order.
Political Content: Posts related to governance, electoral processes, legislation, electoral events, or significant societal issues.
User Preferences: The interests and choices of users on social media, which the platforms try to accommodate in order to improve the user experience.

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