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Meta Enforces Policies by Banning Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s Accounts Amidst Controversy

In a decisive action adhering to its community standards, Meta has recently purged the social media accounts of Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, from both Instagram and Facebook. This move came as part of a clampdown on voices that allegedly endorse or engage in violence, in line with their Dangerous Organizations and Individuals policy. The shutdown impacts accounts that cumulatively amassed millions of followers, reflecting Khamenei’s significant online presence.

This enforcement follows a tumultuous period marked by regional conflicts and internal strife within Iran. Tensions have escalated with Iran’s apparent support for Hamas, amidst a serious conflict with Israel, leaving a trail of destruction and civilian casualties in its wake. The digital presence of Khamenei came under scrutiny, especially after the accounts were previously suspended in 2019 but subsequently reactivated.

Meta has faced growing calls to take action against entities that contravene their parameters for safe and non-violent communication, particularly in the wake of widespread protests stemming from the 2022 death of Mahsa Amini in Iran. Amini’s passing, under controversial circumstances, sparked international outrage and a movement for reforms in Iran. Despite the official ban on platforms like Instagram and Facebook in Iran, residents have found ways to bypass such restrictions, indicating the complexity of regulating online discourse in the face of government censorship.

Social media networks have increasingly become battlegrounds for ideological conflicts, with companies like Meta being pushed to the forefront of geopolitical issues as they navigate the fine line between freedom of expression and the suppression of harmful rhetoric.

FAQ Section

1. Why were the accounts of Iran’s Supreme Leader removed from Instagram and Facebook?
Meta removed Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s accounts because they allegedly endorsed or engaged in violence, violating their Dangerous Organizations and Individuals policy.

2. How many followers did Khamenei’s accounts have?
Khamenei’s accounts had amassed millions of followers before being shutdown.

3. When were Khamenei’s social media accounts previously suspended?
His accounts were previously suspended in 2019 but were later reactivated.

4. What sparked the recent widespread protests in Iran, and how did it impact social media policy?
The death of Mahsa Amini in 2022 under controversial circumstances led to widespread protests and increased pressure on social media companies like Meta to regulate content against violent communication.

5. In spite of bans, how do Iranians access platforms like Instagram and Facebook?
Although officially banned in Iran, residents use various methods to circumvent government restrictions and access these platforms.

6. What is Meta’s stance on freedom of expression versus harmful rhetoric?
Meta tries to balance freedom of expression with the need to suppress harmful rhetoric, a challenge heightened by the role of social media in geopolitical and ideological conflicts.


Community Standards: A set of guidelines by which Meta governs user behavior and content on their platforms.

Dangerous Organizations and Individuals policy: A Meta policy aimed at preventing individuals or groups that promote violence from using their platforms.

Geopolitical Issues: Conflicts or problems related to the political dynamics between different nations.

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