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Meta Implements New Curbs on Political Content in Its Apps

In a strategic move to limit the influx of political discourse on its platforms, Meta has announced a new policy that will see political content diminished in certain sections of Instagram and Threads. The company has defined a plan to modify its recommendation algorithm to minimize the appearance of political posts in areas such as Explore, Reels, as well as In-Feed Recommendations, and the Suggested Users feature.

Summary: Meta, the parent company of Instagram, is taking a stance against the proliferation of political content on its platforms. CEO Adam Mosseri had already signaled intentions not to let Instagram become a politically saturated space. The company reaffirmed this position in a recent blog post, stating their algorithms will no longer favor political content in certain areas, although users’ own follow lists will not be affected. Additionally, professional account holders can now monitor their eligibility for content recommendation and make necessary adjustments to ensure compliance with new guidelines. While this feature will begin with Instagram and Threads, Facebook is expected to see similar updates in the future.

Meta’s approach suggests a balance between maintaining a neutral platform and allowing freedom of expression. The decision to adjust content visibility based on the nature of posts provides users with an environment less cluttered with political messaging, in line with the company’s vision for user experience. However, Meta reassures that individuals who wish to consume political content can do so by following accounts of choice or by disabling the algorithmic limitations. The feature will be rolled out first to Instagram and Threads, followed by Facebook at a subsequent time, indicating Meta’s cautious yet deliberate action to reshape the social media landscape.

FAQ Section

What is the new policy Meta has announced?
Meta has announced a policy to decrease the visibility of political content in certain sections of Instagram and Threads by modifying its recommendation algorithm.

What areas of Instagram will see reduced political content?
The areas affected include the Explore tab, Reels, In-Feed Recommendations, and the Suggested Users feature.

Will this new policy affect the users’ own follow lists on Instagram?
No, the new policy will not affect the users’ own follow lists. Users will still see posts from the political accounts they choose to follow.

What does Meta’s CEO Adam Mosseri say about political content on Instagram?
CEO Adam Mosseri has indicated that Instagram should not become a politically saturated space, supporting the move to limit political content.

How can professional account holders monitor their eligibility for content recommendation?
Professional account holders can now access a feature that allows them to check their eligibility for content recommendation and make necessary adjustments to ensure they comply with the new guidelines.

Will Facebook also experience changes in how political content is displayed?
Yes, similar updates are expected to be implemented on Facebook in the future, but they will be introduced after Instagram and Threads.

Can users still consume political content if they wish to do so?
Yes, individuals who wish to consume political content can follow the accounts of their choice or disable the algorithmic limitations to view political posts.

What does this policy suggest about Meta’s viewpoint?
Meta’s approach seeks to balance maintaining a neutral platform while still allowing freedom of expression. They aim to provide an environment where users experience less political messaging but can still access it if they choose.


Algorithm: A set of rules or processes followed by a computer in problem-solving operations, often used to retrieve, rank, and recommend content in social media platforms.

Explore tab: A feature on Instagram that displays content from accounts that the user doesn’t follow, based on user behavior and preferences.

Reels: A feature in Instagram that allows users to create and share short-form videos, similar to TikTok.

In-Feed Recommendations: Content suggested to users within their main feed, often based on past activities, interests, and engagement.

Suggested Users: Accounts that a social media platform recommends a user to follow, often based on the user’s existing network and activity.

Professional Account Holders: Users who have a professional or business account on social media platforms, often with additional features and analytics compared to personal accounts.

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