A solemn courtroom scene in Russia with an empty defendant's seat, symbolizing an arrest warrant issued. In the foreground, a government representative is reading out charges relating to terrorism and extremism. Clutched in his hand is a document bearing the emblem of a fictional technology company.

Russian Court Issues Arrest Warrant for Meta Spokesperson on Terrorism and Extremism Charges

Summary: Moscow’s Basmanny District Court has issued an arrest warrant for Meta Platforms spokesperson Andy Stone, absentia, on charges of terrorism and inciting extremism. The allegations against Stone relate to his endorsement of statements where Meta purportedly allowed calls to violence against the Russian military on its platforms. This action has escalated the ongoing conflict between Meta and the Russian government, which previously banned Meta for extremist activities following the invasion of Ukraine.

In a major development escalating tensions between tech giant Meta Platforms and the Russian Federation, Moscow’s Basmanny District Court has taken legal action against Andy Stone, a spokesperson for Meta. The court has issued a warrant for Stone’s arrest, charging him with several terrorism-related offenses under the Russian Criminal Code. The allegations involve Meta’s supposed temporary policy adjustment that allegedly accepted calls for violence against the Russian military on its social media platforms as a form of political speech, a move branded by Russia as a violation of its laws against terrorism and extremism.

The Russian Investigative Committee identified Stone as a key figure in an inquiry launched in March 2022, investigating Meta’s policy decisions that were deemed in violation of Russian law. The court emphasized that Stone is now on both international and domestic wanted lists.

This recent legal action follows a contentious relationship between Meta and Russia, evolving sharply since the onset of hostilities in Ukraine. The friction culminated in a 2022 ban of Meta in Russia, asserting that the company engaged in extremist activity. The ban effectively rendered popular social media services, including Facebook and Instagram, inaccessible within Russian territory. Furthermore, Meta was included in Russia’s register of terrorist and extremist organizations. Despite the serious charges and global geopolitical implications, Stone and Meta have both abstained from publicly addressing the court’s decision.

FAQ Section:

Who has the Moscow’s Basmanny District Court issued an arrest warrant for?
The court has issued an arrest warrant for Andy Stone, a spokesperson for Meta Platforms.

What are the charges against Andy Stone?
Andy Stone is charged with terrorism and inciting extremism, based on allegations related to Meta’s supposed policy allowing calls to violence against the Russian military on its platforms.

Why is Meta Platforms in conflict with the Russian government?
The conflict stems from Meta’s policy decisions and the Russian government’s view that these policies violate their laws against terrorism and extremism. The situation escalated with Russia banning Meta in 2022 for extremist activities after the invasion of Ukraine.

Is Andy Stone the only individual implicated in the investigation?
No, Andy Stone is identified as a key figure but the investigation is into Meta’s policy decisions, implying potential broader implications for the company.

Can Andy Stone still travel freely internationally?
Since he is on international and domestic wanted lists, his ability to travel could be significantly restricted.

Has Meta or Andy Stone responded to the arrest warrant?
As of the information provided in the article, neither Meta nor Andy Stone have publicly addressed the court’s decision.

What has been the effect of the ban on Meta in Russia?
The ban has made popular social media services like Facebook and Instagram inaccessible within Russian territory.


Extremism: Advocacy of extreme measures or views, usually political. In this context, it refers to activities that the Russian government considers as aiming to undermine its authority or national security.

Terrorism: The unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in pursuit of political aims. Here, it’s related to alleged endorsements of violence against the Russian military.

Registration of Organizations: This refers to a government list or register of groups designated as involved in terrorist or extremist activities.

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