A realistic HD photo depicting a tragic scene of two young men of Middle-Eastern descent on railway tracks suddenly surprised by the headlight beams of an incoming train in the evening. Please make sure not to show explicit content and generate the image from a safe distance to suggest the tragedy without showing any harm.

Selfie Tragedy: Two Young Men Killed by Express Train in Bihar

In a cautionary tale about the perils of distracted behavior near train tracks, two young men from Bihar’s West Champaran district were struck and killed by a train. Authorities reported the pair was engaged in making social media content when the incident occurred, highlighting a disturbing trend of risky behavior for online fame.

Kanhaiya Kumar and Suraj Kumar, two residents of Amwa Bairagi village, were on the tracks at Parsa halt under the jurisdiction of Majhaulia police station when they were hit by the Raxaul-New Delhi Satyagraha express. The two were reportedly wearing earphones and did not notice the oncoming train as they were focused on capturing video content.

Station House Officer Akhilesh Kumar Mishra of the Majhaulia police station confirmed the event and indicated that an investigation is underway. The initial findings suggest the deceased were so engrossed in their activity, amplified by the loud volume in their earphones, that they were unaware of the train’s approach.

The local community, upon discovering the tragedy, tried to remove the bodies, but were stopped by police who insisted on a formal postmortem procedure at Government Medical College and Hospital in Bettiah.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the need for vigilance and safety when near railway tracks, and that distraction by digital devices can have deadly consequences.

FAQ Section:

What happened in the West Champaran district involving two young men?
Two young men, Kanhaiya Kumar and Suraj Kumar, from Amwa Bairagi village in Bihar’s West Champaran district, were struck and killed by a train while they were reportedly creating social media content on the tracks at Parsa halt.

Why did the two men not notice the oncoming train?
They were wearing earphones and were so focused on filming their social media content that they did not hear or see the Raxaul-New Delhi Satyagraha express approaching.

Which authority is investigating the incident, and what has been revealed so far?
The Majhaulia police station is investigating the incident, with Station House Officer Akhilesh Kumar Mishra confirming the event. The initial findings suggest that the pair’s distraction by their activity and the loud volume in their earphones contributed to their unawareness of the approaching train.

How did the local community respond, and what did the police do?
The local community attempted to retrieve the bodies, but the police intervened, insisting that the bodies must undergo a formal postmortem procedure at the Government Medical College and Hospital in Bettiah.

What can be learned from this tragedy?
This incident is a stark reminder of the dangers of being distracted by digital devices, particularly earphones, when near railway tracks. It underscores the importance of vigilance and safety in such areas to prevent fatal accidents.

Key Terms and Definitions:
Postmortem procedure: A medical examination of a body after death, often referred to as an autopsy, to determine the cause of death.

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